is active in the multimedia industry in Canada that spans over newspaper, radio, and television. He is currently the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Sing Tao Daily (Canada Eastern Edition) and Editor-in-Chief of Canadian City Post (Toronto). Also, he is the author for many columns in Sing Tao Daily and Canadian City Post. Moreover, he is the host of programs City Hotline and Muran: Straight Talk at A1 Chinese Radio. Furthermore, Muran conducts the TV series My Country My Home on Talentvision TV which is affiliated by Fairchild Television network.

Muran holds a bachelor degree in Finance from Renmin University of China. During studying in the University, he was a member of China Film Critics Society and focused on films research. He shadowed his mentor Mr. Zhong Dian Fei, who was acclaimed as arts and culture critic and film aesthetics theorist, in writing film commentary. Additionally, he co-founded the Beijing Youth Film Critics Association and composed diversified movie reviews. He started teaching and training for hotel management in Guangzhou; later, he shifted his direction in the scopes of advertisement as well as television in the 1980’s. Subsequently, he joined the Guangzhou Culture and Mass Communication in the 1990’s and organized countless academic publications in the areas of history and culture. Muran came to Canada in 1997; then, he initiated to write novels, short stories and commentaries. With over 6 million words in his works, Muran continues to write for his enjoyment and enthusiasm of creative writing.

In December 2012, Muran was awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his distinguished performance of promoting social integration of Mandarin speaking Chinese and participation into politics in Canada.