Real name Livian Wu, known as “Super Mom”, is a mother of three daughters and a son. She likes searching in depth for information about life in many aspects and gets to enjoy Toronto’s vibrant multiculturalism. Livian is very knowledgeable from parenting, education to cooking, eating & drinking, family fun, and travel.

After graduating from the University of Hong Kong, Livian became an Anchor of Hong Kong Cable Television. She interviewed countless celebrities and reported major International film and music festivals. She also worked behind-the-scenes in screenplay writing and production. In 2011, Livian studied MBA at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of Toronto.

She joined the Sing Tao Group in 2016, mainly developed the business of the CCUE website and other online platforms. Livian had also become one of the most popular bloggers since she wrote a variety of creative articles. She had been a broadcaster of A1 Chinese Radio, as well as a writer of EliteGen luxury lifestyle magazine and thus became one of the few local multimedia journalists. Livian is also active on social media platforms and offers comprehensive social media marketing solutions & analysis for commercial brands.

Livian was enthusiastic about ballet and piano during her childhood. She then became a semi-professional ballet accompanist and dancer during college. Livian performed dances for a number of well-known singers such as Aaron Kwok, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, etc.

Livian is currently hosting a Saturday A1Ashow “Mama Villa” with Sit Mui and Do Do, to explore every aspect of women’s lives.

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