Do Do

Do Do is a multi-talented artist with background as a singing tutor, professional singer, and backing vocalist.

She started her vocal career in 2006, with her beautiful voice and proficient showmanship, she is booked to perform across Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan for private gigs, corporate dinners, international brand events etc.

She could always fit to the event theme in terms of singing and dressing where it is romantic, elegant, wild, relaxing. With a strong passion in singing, she achieved top performance level which she could sing in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and even some Korean songs.

Do Do is currently one of top in-demand female Chinese vocal for corporate gigs in Toronto, Macau and Hong Kong. Guests always admire her live performance and have her booked in numerous events.

2019 Sing Tao A1 Chinese Radio, the winner of the “Canto Pop Singing Contest”, and became a DJ at the radio station and now hosts “Girls Fair”.




Nice Saturday

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