Anson Wong

Anson came to Canada in 1991. He undertook film and radio broadcasting studies before joining CHIN Radio in 1996. His debut in a morning show at 100.7 Chin FM was very well-received. His exceptional on-air and administrative abilities awarded his promotion to Assistant Program Director in just two years, and subsequent promotion to Program Director/Assistant General Manager of CHIN Radio Chinese program.

In 2005, Anson joined Fairchild Television in the capacity of Creative Manager and was responsible for creating large-scale, national live broadcast events. He joined A1 Chinese Radio since its establishment in 2008, and is pleased to utilize his extensive experience and creativity to lead A1 Chinese Radio.

In 2011, he hosted Toronto’s first ever Chinese one-man stand-up comedy to a full-house audience. In 2012, he was invited by the Hong Kong Drama Association to appear in the stage production of ‘On Golden Pond’, with over 2,000 audience. He hopes to continue bringing humor and joy to the community.

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