Skye Chan

Sin Yeung Chan, Skye , actively participated in television and radio industry in Hong Kong, has recently landed in Toronto, Canada. She is joyful to join the A1 broadcast family and greet the local audience.
Here is a brief bio of Skye as a official introduction to all A1 audience. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The curriculum increased my understanding of the Japanese language and culture, making me a multilingual professional. She worked as a flight attendant at Cathy Pacific airline for three years after graduation. Conversely, after winning the first runner-up of Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2008, she transitioned into the broadcasting media industry as a performer in front of cameras. She havs been in the industry for 15 years. Her persistence in the profession is underpinned by her passion and love for the career. The increased innovation, specifically the growth of the internet, has resulted in disruptive changes supporting the need for the broadcast media industry to evolve with the times.
The dynamic changes have affected information dissemination and content creation. As an agile individual, she responded to the emerging social media industry trend. She created her personal social media pages on different media platforms. In the past five years of creating content on fitness and healthy diet, she was able to gain approximately 180,000 active followers, making her an influencer and key opinion leader on the concepts. To diversify her information dissemination means and goal to reach a new audience demographic, she published two books on low-carb diet in July 2021 and 2022 those have been the bestseller over three consecutive months in Sino United Publishing Limited: the largest book association in the region. Additionally, she has hosted and broadcasted various television shows about her suggested lifestyle and low-carb diet on TV. A significant number of my followers have adopted her evidence-based lifestyle, which has helped them recover from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, promoting wellness.
She is passionate to share these concepts and sustainable diet plans to the audience here in Canada. Stay tune to gather more information she is sharing in the platform. Cheers.

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